Pawn shop over Ebay

With the advantages that technology has made over time, many people have moved to doing everything online. From going to school, paying bills, and selling items, most transactions are now done virtually. Instead of heading to your favorite stores inside a mall or shopping center, you now go and shop for new items online from websites like eBay.

While this is more convenient than going in person, when it comes to buying jewelry or other valuable items, buying and selling in person is way better than doing it online. Here are the advantages of selling and buying valuable items in a pawn shop:

  • Face-to-face deal

One thing that is missing in eBay and other online shopping sites is the face-to-face transactions with the seller or pawnbroker. With online shops, you have to settle with chat-like messages and they aren’t guaranteed to get a response. Apart from that, while eBay is a huge and international shopping site, you are not guaranteed that your item will sell fast or at all. You have to wait before someone views your items and checks them out. On the other hand, if you want to sell your jewelry and other valuable items to a pawn shop, you just have to bring the items with you, allow the pawnbroker to inspect and assess its value, and receive the cash. 

  • No shipping and extra charges

If you are selling an item, selling it to a pawn shop is more convenient compared to posting it on online shopping sites. There are no additional tasks that you need to complete such as getting the buyer’s mailing address, having a courier pick the package, and waiting for the items to make it to the buyer. Apart from that, pawn shops also have no extra charges unlike in eBay where you need to hand the site anywhere from 2% up to 10% of the sale price. 

  • Fast cash

One advantage that you can get with pawn shops is that you can get cash faster. In fact, this is the main reason why many people who need cash immediately opt for selling at a pawn shop. With pawn shops, you can have the money you need in more or less an hour, no waiting involved. 

  • Flexible options

With eBay and other online shopping sites, you can either buy items or sell your products on the platform. No other options in between. However, in pawn shops, you can opt to have your valuable items pawned in the meantime and then redeem it later when you have the money to pay for your loan. Pawn shops also have a layaway program in case you have an item that you really like yet do not have the money to pay it in full. 

  • Free evaluations

Another great thing about pawn shops is that licensed and expert pawn brokers have years of experience in evaluating the authenticity and real value of jewelry and other valuable items. With this, you can guarantee that whatever items you will purchase, you will get an accurate and fair price.

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