Jewelry Repair

Jewelry is a great investment. Many investors would prefer to invest in jewelry rather than gambling in other markets. Despite the constant fluctuations in major currencies, jewelry investments have remained stable. 

However, even the best crafted jewelry will experience wear and get damaged over time. But how will you know if your jewelry is beginning to get damaged and needs repair? Here are the most common jewelry repairs and what you should look out for.

  • Discoloration

One of the problems that you will encounter with your jewelry, especially if you constantly use it, is the loss of its luster and color. Residues from soap and other items can stick on your ring and other jewelry pieces making it appear dull. Though this is just temporary and will be easily resolved with polishing and cleaning. While you can bring back the luster and pristine condition of your jewelry pieces with some DIY cleaning solutions, there is nothing better than bringing your prized possessions to licensed jewelers as they are more knowledgeable on how to clean and polish your jewelry without degrading its value. 

  • Broken clasp

When we wear our jewelry, we become so comfortable with it that it becomes an extension with our body. We sometimes forget that we are wearing any. And before we know it, the chain of the necklace breaks. When this happens, you can just bring your broken jewelry to your favorite jeweler to replace the broken chain or clasp with the same quality of metal. 

  • Resizing

So your great grandmother left you with a family heirloom, a beautiful ring with a huge ruby stone sitting on top of it. Lucky you if the ring fits your finger perfectly. However, if it is a size bigger or smaller than your finger, then you will need to have it resized. An experienced jeweler can skillfully adjust the size of your ring and other jewelry items according to your preferences while still making it look untouched. 

  • Loose stone

Another common jewelry repair that you may need with your jewelry items is to fix a loose stone. Sometimes you don’t even notice a problem on the stone until it becomes loose. By bringing your jewelry to a jewelry shop, it will be inspected and any issues will be caught early and repaired.  A routine inspection will help you address minor issues before it rsults in further damage such as loose stones. 

  • Damaged prong

A loose stone on your jewelry is typically a result of a damaged prong. The prong which secures the stones in place can get broken when caught into something or even by becoming thin due to prolonged wear. This is something that shouldn’t stress you out since it can be fixed with prong retipping. The process involves attaching a wire or a metal bead on top of the damaged prong; thus, creating a new prong that will hold the stones in place. 

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