Cash For Gold

Centreville Gold & Pawn, located in Manassas, VA, is a leading buyer of gold and other merchandise in Northern Virginia. We're dedicated to our fantastic customers and ensuring they have a quality experience while doing business with us. We excel in buying and selling gold, jewelry, and other merchandise, as well as giving loans on these items.

We pride ourselves in caring customer service that works to find efficient and empathetic compromise in every situation.

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We Buy Gold

All gold is valuable, and we at Centreville Gold & Pawn enjoy selling new and previously owned goods at a great value to our loyal customers. No matter the type of gold, from scrap to rings to dental gold to gold coins, we are interested in helping you exchange your goods for our great, competitive prices.

You might have a class ring or a broken cufflink or earring, you might have a broken gold chain or a gold bracelet from an ex. Maybe you have something that was handed down from a family member that you no longer want? Well, we are here to buy it on the spot. But keep in mind, if you don't want to sell it, you can always get a loan on it instead!

The experts here want to help you get the money you deserve for the quality items in your care. We want to be the go-to place in Manassas, Fairfax, and all of Northern Virginia for CASH FOR GOLD! We're happy to help you with any questions concerning your gold, its purity, and the amount you deserve for it. The higher karat your gold has, the purer it’s quality and the more money you get from us. We will buy or loan on old or new gold pieces of any kind.

Pawn Loans

Centreville Gold & Pawn also provides its customers with cash loans from $10- $10,000. Our loans are collateral loans, which means that they are based upon the value of the item you are getting a pawn loan on. Our pawn loans are private , secure and offered in confidentiality. You will get cash on the spot for your loan! Cash in a flash- and we offer loans on almost all items of value…, broken gold, coins, tools, gaming systems, collectibles, designer shoes and designer purses, collectible sneakers, audio equipment, camera equipment and more!

Each item brought to us is then evaluated for overall current demand and condition, and you get to reap the massive cash benefits, without having to lose your item. While your item is in pawn, it is kept securely by our store and will be ready for you at the end of your loan. Need more time? Our 30 day loans can easily be extended by paying only the fees and getting another 30 days to pay it off. You can do this as many times as you need to; just don’t be late according to the terms of your agreement!

There are many reasons to choose Centreville Gold & Pawn as your Northern Virginia pawnbroker of choice. We have a talented and caring bilingual staff with an expert jeweler on staff and in the store when you come in, ready to assist you. We're open six days of the week and want to give you the best possible value for your personal and important items.

If you happen to find a piece of jewelry that fits your tastes while visiting our shop, we're happy to offer you a convenient layaway program. You can reserve your item with a down payment and pay it off with scheduled payments. This program enables big purchases to be sectioned into small payments that are less intimidating and easy to pay while keeping your item safe from other interested shoppers.

We want you to be happy and confident with your decision to pawn or sell your items. Feel feel to drop into a store today or fill out our contact form for more information. Centreville Gold & Pawn is the best pawnbroker for you, and we can't wait to show you how much your items are worth today!