Exquisite and timeless jewelry pieces cost a fortune. Jewelry pieces created of precious metals and fine gems are probably the most costly and treasurable items you own. Subsequently, you’re probably giving them high-level care and attention to prevent falling and damage. However, accidents are inevitable, and no guarantee that your jewelry will never fall and get broken. If your jewelry gets broken, you can liquidate or get it repaired by a trusted pawnshop like Centreville Gold & Pawn. Liquidating is a quick way to dispose it of while repairing is the cheaper way to restore the jewelry to its original look and state at an affordable price.

Cheaper Than Buying New Jewelry

Pawnshops charge affordably for each piece repaired. Prices are based on the size and cost of the jewelry, and you’ll never be overcharged. Basically, you’re paying a paltry amount compared to what you’ll pay to buy new jewelry after selling the broken jewelry pieces. Large-sized jewelry will cost you more, but you won’t pay anything higher than $50. Broken chains and stone settings cost lower than lobster and watch bands.

Professional Service

While broken jewelry has diminutive value, once a crafty and creative specialist repairs it, people will never know it was once a wreck. The industry-trained and highly experienced jewelry repairers at Centreville Gold & Pawn do an excellent job to return your broken jewelry to its original shape and look. You’ll be surprised to note that your bracelet or ring was soldered and cut, but you can’t detect any unsightly seams. Once you leave your broken jewelry in the hands of a qualified pawnshop expert, expect the restored piece to have similar value and strength.

Accurate and Clean Job

Jewelry repairers working for credible and industry-leading pawnshops like USA Pawn have access to high-quality and efficient jewelry repair materials and tools. They know how to use the right tools for repairing different stones and metals. These specialists have an expansive knowledge of effectively using abrasive, hard, and incisive tools to repair soft metals without leaving unsightly marks. These experts have studied different jewelry metals and stones and know the properties of each of such materials. Therefore, they know how to use the equipment to precisely and accurately restore your jewelry without causing further damage.

It Saves You Time and Money Wasted Finding an Exact Replacement

When your jewelry breaks, you might be tempted to look for an exact replacement instead of getting it repaired. However, it’s almost impossible to find jewelry that carries the same value and exquisiteness as the damaged piece. In fact, you might be surprised to note that even pawn shops and other online stores that sell pre-owned jewelry don’t have the kind of jewelry you’re looking for. Getting an expert to repair the broken jewelry gets your timeless piece to its original exquisiteness without the high costs and time wastage.