If you’ve been thinking about buying an engagement ring for your loved one, it’s a cause for celebration! Before you can fully celebrate your love, you need to make sure to find a ring that you believe fully compliments your partner. Engagement rings can be extremely expensive depending on the style, cut, carat, and other factors that go into the ring’s construction. If you’re looking for the best way to buy a gorgeous ring on a budget, a pawn shop may be the perfect place for you. 

Before fully committing to purchasing a ring from a pawn shop there are a few things you should pay attention to:

What Rings Are Available?

If your loved one has expressed a certain love for a particular style of ring you should pay close attention to the stock that your pawn shop has to see if any of the rings meet that style. Research the pawn shops in your area and be sure to view all the stock they have available. 

Information About The Ring

Before committing to a ring, ask for all information surrounding the ring. You should know what kind of cut the gemstone is, the number of carats in the gem, and the clarity among other factors. All of these factor into the price so you should know what you’re paying for. 

Researching The Ring

If you have found a few rings that you are interested in, research them! You can conduct this research online or with a jewelry expert. Give them the information about the ring and see where they value the ring at given that information. This will be helpful if you find a ring that you like so that you don’t overpay for it.


When you have finally found the ring you want to purchase, the price isn’t final until you go to pay! If you believe the value of the ring is less than they are listing it for, try and negotiate with them. If you get the price down a fair amount you can then purchase the ring. If you are struggling to purchase the ring there may also be pawn loans available for you to pay it off at your own pace. 

Lastly, and most importantly, make sure that all business is conducted at a reputable pawn shop. If you are looking for a great pawn shop with a wide selection of engagement rings for your loved one, visit Centreville Gold & Pawn. Our experts will help you pick out the perfect ring to solidify your growing love.