Accessories can amplify even the plainest wardrobe. And now that it’s summertime and you probably have many upcoming social engagements, it might be best to add a few new additions to your growing jewelry collection. But if you don’t know which styles could work this year, we’re here to help you. 

  • Single Drop Earrings 

Now is the best time to wear a single long drop earring and pair it with a different one. It gives instant character to your look, and the style isn’t isolated for women. In addition, men can accessorize with a long drop earring.

Get a design that is exceptionally memorable that it could stand on its own. 


  • Large and Show-stopping Bangles 

You might also want to get yourself some unique-looking bangles. If possible, get the largest one that you can pull off. It’s a quick fix to any outfit, and you won’t regret getting at least a couple for yourself. 

You can also stack multiple bangles and tie them using a decorative ribbon. That way, it won’t slide on your arm. 


  • Classic Pearls

Pearls will always be timeless and versatile, and if you don’t have them in your stash, you should consider them. But instead of getting the more petite or dainty pearls, we say go for the larger pieces. It’s ideal for evening and formal occasions, and you can pair it with your beautiful cocktail dress. 

What’s great about classic pearls is that they can be worn any time of the day. So whether you have lunch out with friends or a more formal get-together, these pieces should do you good. 

Now, if pearls alone aren’t your thing, then you can find pearl-accented jewelry.  


  • Long Necklaces 

Don’t forget your long necklaces. Generally, these are best with a shorter outfit. You can contrast the style by wearing it over your tank top, shirts, or even short skirts. 

You can also layer it with other necklaces to make your outfit a little bit extra. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different pieces of jewelry. If you must know, mixing and matching are not just for clothes. It works for jewelry too. 


  • Bold Pieces and Oversized Chains  

If you are a fan of statement jewelry, this is great news for you. You can now invest in chunky pieces and add flair to your otherwise dull outfit. 

When wearing bold jewelry, we recommend choosing a focal point. For example, if you want to highlight your beautiful hair, get statement earrings so people will be drawn into it.  


  • Shapes 

Spheres are back, and you can see it in different jewelry. For example, you might want to get necklaces and rings that are inspired by spherical designs. It’s a safe look and goes well with most styles, yet it’s cool enough to catch attention. 


Genuine jewelry can last you a lifetime, and you could even pass it onto the next generation. And as always, trends and designs come and go. What’s hip decades ago could come back anytime soon. While classic pieces are good, bold ones will always make you stand out in any room. So it’s not bad to have a couple of chunky pieces lying on your jewelry box.