Cash for gold


Why is Gold Valuable?

We can all discuss its characteristics and the whole periodic table of elements to point to the value of gold. However, let us focus on its beauty and economic importance. Gold has its attractive color that entices humankind into wearing them. Apart from that, its value doesn’t cease even if the currency does.

In times of distress and tough economic situations, you can resort to gold for instant cash. You can sell or pawn your gold to pawn shops and bring home its monetary value.

Why Choose Centreville Gold and Pawn?

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We offer great prices on your gold and jewelry. Here at Centreville Gold and Pawn, we give value to our clients and their properties. We don’t just focus on the item but we also consider the memories you built with it; with this, we make sure you get the most amount that your gold items deserve. So if you are looking for ways to get the best price for your gold, pawn or sell your pre-owned jewelry to Centreville Gold and Pawn.

A highly trusted buyer of Northern VA

No one can match our offers for your gold! When selling gold to us, our licensed pawnbroker will assess the value of your gold item based on several factors such as its weight, karat, design, and others. Then we will agree on the amount of your jewelry.

Centreville Gold and Pawn is also the best place to buy your gold. Our shop offers lower prices, up to 15% lower than other pawnshops, for gold items. Centreville Gold and Pawn is a reliable and reputable business with licensed pawnbrokers, making your selling and buying gold items safe.

Whether you are looking to buy or planning to sell your gold items and scraps, our friendly and well-trained staff will be happy to assist you. Contact us to get the best price for your gold.

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