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Do you have a collection of guns you’d like to sell? At Centreville Gold & Pawn, we offer cash for guns. We are an authorized entity and fully comply with local and federal laws in buying or pawning firearms, meaning we are a Federal Firearms Licensee. We buy guns while strictly following the federal gun regulations.

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Firearms that you can sell or pawn to us:

  • carry guns
  • hunting guns
  • military-style guns
  • collectible firearms
  • antique firearms
  • colt guns
  • glock pistols
  • others

To get cash for guns, contact us at 571-208-0481 or visit us in Manassas, VA today!


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What Is The Process To Sell My Gun?

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**Remember, Centreville Gold & Pawn does not transact with minors under any circumstances and we DO NOT accept stolen firearms.**
If you are planning to pawn or sell your firearms to us, make sure that it is licensed and registered under your name. To make the transaction smooth and quick, prepare all the necessary documents and information such as the gun’s:

  • maker
  • model
  • caliber
  • any mods
  • gun licenses
  • gun safety certificates
  • proof of residence: identification or driver’s license

Make sure that your firearm is fully unloaded and in a lock case too. Our well-trained staff will examine the firearm and assess its value. However, you can also do your own research to determine the value of your firearm.

Moreover, Centreville Gold & Pawn takes full responsibility for our business transactions. With this in mind, we also conduct our own assessments on whom we transact with to make sure that the person has no criminal record or misdemeanor, no record of being treated for mental illness, and other issues.

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