Identifying knockoff designer handbag

When it comes to being fashionable, people love buying the latest designer handbags. They love dressing up with a designer handbag to complete the look. Some accessorize designer handbags because they like to display their social status to society. 

Designer handbags are also popular because it is not just fashionable but also functional. You can wear it while doing your everyday errands and still look incredibly good. Unlike any other bags, a designer handbag can last for a long time, which means it can endure daily wear and tear. Whether you want to look unique and feel good about yourself or you just simply want to show off your status quo, buying a designer handbag is definitely a classic way to do it. 

Knockoff designer handbag

Designer handbags are designed and manufactured by top brands like Louis, Hermes, Chanel, and Prada, to name a few. They cost much more than other bags because the materials used are of top quality with special features available. Designer handbags have a unique feel and classy appearance that you cannot mistake for other bags. However, because of its rising popularity of designer bags, there are many knock-off designer handbags available in the market today. Knockoff designer handbags are those designer handbags that you can buy for a cheaper price simply because they are not original.

Identifying knockoff designer handbag

If you don’t want to involve yourself with a fake designer handbag, it is important that you know how to identify a knockoff designer bag from an authentic designer handbag. Here are some of the features of a knockoff designer handbag you should watch out for:

  • Fabric and materials being used. Knockoff designer handbags are made from low-quality materials. For example, the leather may feel like plastic instead of being soft. The dye job of the fabric is also uneven.
  • Stitching quality. Authentic designer handbags have even stitches, while fake ones have loose, uneven stitches. On the interior of the handbag, there is no stitching visible but instead glued. 
  • Authenticity document. Designer handbags often come with certificates of authenticity that prove their originality. Fake designer handbags don’t have this, and you should be wary of a seller that claims it is lost or mailed afterward. 
  • Check the designer handbag closely. Authentic designer handbags are wrapped carefully in paper or tissue to avoid any damage. If a designer handbag has scratches, scuffs, and small tears, or any minor imperfections, it is a sign that it is a fake. A designer handbag prides on its unmatched quality, and scratch and dents are not tolerated at all.

Your obsession with a designer handbag is relatable to many, but it is important that you know how to recognize a knockoff designer handbag. That way, you can really treat yourself with a little bit of luxury.