luxury watches at pawnshop

Time is gold, and for some people, they take it literally by purchasing luxury watches. Luxury watches are beautifully designed with exquisite style and undeniable elegance you can’t find in ordinary watches, making them very expensive. Why do people still purchase luxury watches when they only serve one purpose – tell the time. You can also have it with a typical watch. 

Buying luxury watches

Many people like spending their money on a luxury watch. Not just to show off that they can afford it but for ultimate expression. Luxury watches represent a significant investment of time and value in their design, function, and quality. Luxury watches are expensive, but in return, you can get an exceptional product that you can enjoy for a long time and some more. Buying a luxury watch is a significant decision you should think carefully as you will be spending a hefty amount of money on it.

How to determine the value of a luxury watch

A watch is something you wear and accessorize every day; therefore, investing in a luxury watch seems to be a good idea for most people. Choosing a quality watch conveys a sense of style as it can represent your personality and lifestyle. We already know that luxury watches are expensive, but some people still want to know its value. Determining a luxury watch’s value can give them an idea about their luxury watch and make them more confident, especially when wearing it.

When it comes to determining the value of a luxury watch, there are certain factors that you should know, including:

  • It’s brand

What sets a luxury watch apart from other watches is its luxury brand such as Rolex, Omega, and Cartier. These are well-known brands of luxury watches, and your watch happens to have any of these brands, you are most likely to obtain a good resale value for it.


  • Original box and papers

When buying a luxury watch, make sure you keep its original box and papers safe. It is essential because it adds value to your luxury watch. Plus, it can help in the verification of your luxury watch. You can get a premium when selling it to a pawn shop or potential watch buyers. However, you can still sell your luxury watch without its box and papers, but its value might decrease.


  • Model

Some models of luxury watches are limited, which means there are only limited numbers of that watch being sold in the market. For some people, getting a limited edition luxury watch is worth the price because they can quickly sell it should they want to.


  • Condition

Your luxury watch is expensive, but you should take good care of it because it plays a vital role in determining the watch’s value. When it is appropriately well taken care of, it can be passed from generation to generation and give you the best price when you sell it.


Choose to wear a luxury watch for whatever reasons you might have and remember to determine its value in case you need to sell it in the near future. Stop by Centreville Gold & Pawn to view our grande selection of luxury watches!